Ken Shibasaki (柴崎 健 Shibasaki Ken) is one of the main focuses of the secondary cast of the Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~, and the friend and classmate of Kotaro Enomoto. He is the focus of Ijiwaru na Deai.

Ken Shibasaki

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Ken young

Kanji 柴崎 健
Rōmaji Shibasaki Ken
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Height 167 cm (5'5")
Blood type O
Birthday April 1st (Aries)
Occupation High School Student
Japanese Yoshimasa Hosoya
First Appearance
Song Ijiwaru na Deai


Main Focus

Non-Singing: Ijiwaru na DeaiNamaiki Honey

Multiple Focus:


Ken has neck-length light brown hair, with his bangs always pinned back by pink hairclips. The way he pins them differs in middle school and high school; he has them clipped to the side with a center part in middle school, while in high school he pins his front bangs instead.
He is usually seen wearing a school-issued white shirt with a yellow undershirt underneath, or a sweatshirt hoodie. In pictures depicting him in middle school, he merely wears a white shirt. Regardless of year his uniform top is always kept open.
When he was younger, Ken has shorter hair and bangs that parted in the middle.

Personality and ActionsEdit

Ken's major priority is women, and he doesn't like to hide it. Often seen flirting around with his female classmates, Ken enjoys talking about them and frequently goes on dates with different girls. Despite his lax attitude with them, Ken is nicer to girls than he is with guys, and looks out for them from afar rather than actively.
With friends, he's nothing but cheerful and joking, often teasing them to their annoyance. His seemingly carefree attitude does hide a serious side underneath, but he buries it under positive interactions and playful banter. Whatever criticism he gets is also seemingly washed over, but he takes it to heart and stews over it when he's not interacting with friends.
Back when he was a child, he was much more shy and not likely to stand out. He couldn't make any friends as a result, and cried often. His personality change in middle and high school reflects that.

Relationships Edit

Arisa Takamizawa Edit

One of the only girls shown to not immediately take to him. Arisa finds Ken too "my-pace" and self-centered, constantly making comments about his behavior and ignoring his advances. He tries to get with her for the sake of it when they first met, but it slowly turns into a real desire to be with her as he interacts with her, culminating in him confessing near her shrine.
As seen in Heart no Shuuchou, he begins to take an interest in her during middle school, when she defended the unnamed bully victim and was then bullied herself. Ken doesn't interact with Arisa at all here, only watching her from afar and asking Kotaro to keep tabs on her after she starts getting bullied.


Aizo seems to not like Ken very much, due to the latter's constant dating around. However, given visuals, this is mostly from his time in middle school.

Kotaro Enomoto Edit

In his friends group since middle school. Usually teases Kotaro about his crush on Hina Setoguchi among other things, while Kotaro tries to keep Ken in line. Ken trusts Kotaro enough to interact with Arisa, and he knows that Kotaro is a good kid.

Kodai Yamamoto Edit

In his friend group since middle school. Kodai ends up talking to Ken about the things he doesn't usually get to say out loud, but only briefly. Their interactions are more teasing than that of Ken and Kotaro's, given that Kodai is more deadpan about Ken's actions.

Hina Setoguchi Edit

Knows her through Kotaro. Finds her very attractive, but doesn't pursue her.


  • His friends and girls refer to him as "Shibaken".
  • Ken is, as of 2018, one of three named characters to not have his seiyuu sing a song for the franchise (the others being Hiyori Suzumi and Kodai Yamamoto).